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Fabuwood Cabinetry Reviews: What Are Customers Saying

If you are in the market for a new set of kitchen cabinets, you may be wondering if Fabuwood is the right brand for you. After all, they are one of the most popular cabinet brands on the market today. Let’s take a look at some of the reviews that customers have left about Fabuwood cabinets so that you can make an informed decision.

The Good

I purchased cabinets with this company through my contractor. However I had issues with the original cabinets that I received. I reached out directly to the company and the service and response I received was excellent. I had someone who followed up with me several times to assure that I was having all my questions and concerns addressed. They replaced all the cabinets that I had problems with and made sure that I was able to install them with no problems. The manager Alex was very helpful and very nice. I am very impressed with the service I received from the company and alex. I love my kitchen cabinets. They are exactly what I wanted. I would highly recommend working with this company.” Merav Noah

“We always enjoy working with and selling Fabuwood cabinetry!  They offer quality cabinets with many different custom options at a very reasonable price. Customer Service is helpful and the ordering process is very easy. Thank you Fabuwood!” Granite World

Courtesy of Granite World

“I am a cabinetry designer and installer in West Chester PA. We have had nothing but success with Fabuwood cabinetry. We do not have any more service or quality issues with Fabuwood then we do with any of our other cabinetry lines from low to high end. Most complaints about fabuwood cabinetry sound like the dealers aren’t servicing their clients. When there is an issue with quality or damage Fabuwood always works with us promptly to correct and fix the issue. All our clients are satisfied with their decision to purchase fabuwood cabinetry from us. Fabuwood Cabinetry has great design options and the quality can’t be beat for the price.” Rich Love

Courtesy of Rich Love

“Extremely happy with our new kitchen cabinets! The look is clean and modern, the cabinets high quality, and the soft closing hinges and drawers are game changers. The cabinet trims are all flush mounted to the base (no lip) so wiping clean is a breeze.  Highly recommended for anyone looking to upgrade their cabinets.” Daniel Hartwig


“Bought a kitchen for my new house in Florida. Shipping date was as promised and arrived safe. The glass cabinets were well packed and arrived intact. Quality seems durable and coloring is perfect what I had ordered. Will recommend Fabuwood to my sister who is renovating.” Shulem Sche

The Bad

I am giving an honest review of Fabuwood cabinets after 3 years of having them installed in our new kitchen. Overall, I would not recommend these. They are solid Birchwood and one of the reasons I chose this was my grandparents kitchen had Birchwood cabinets.that stood the test of time. Fabuwood is not that quality. After 3 years the paint is chipping on some of them and I when I was wiping them down the other day a piece of wood actually came off. The quality is terrible. And the retailer I bought them from along with Fabuwood have been unresponsive to my repeated calls about repairing the issues. Fabuwood will not deal with me directly and points me to the retailer and they will not do anything either. So the five year manufacturers warranty is basically useless. My advice to anyone who is thinking about purchasing these cabinets is to not do it. I saved money on the initial purchase but I am paying for it on the back end.” Jacqueline Mosso


“Have not had a good starting experience with this company. First, we noticed shortly after our cabinets were installed a manufacturing defect in one of the doors. This is shown on both front and back in attached photos. Company is replacing it under warranty, and was willing to chalk that up to stuff that happens. However, we now have the rubber bumpers falling off our cabinets, and upon further inspection, they used two different types/sizes. They apparently abandoned the better push in bumpers for the cheap adhesive ones. They also have some of our cabinets with half of one kind and half of the other? How does that even happen? AS a result of the size differences, some of the drawers do not line up with each other. When I contacted them about it, they told me I can go to a hardware store to try and find the push in kind? How about for the $17K worth of cabinets we bought, you send the right ones to me. Unbelievable. Will not use ever again.” Chris Parent

Courtesy of Chris Parent


“Many of the 5 star reviews here are from dealers/builders and not from actual customers. We spent over $10,000 on cabinets from Fabuwood and paid extra for a customized color. We were told the cabinets would arrive in 6 weeks and they actually arrived about a month after that. The finish is of such low quality that our contractor has ordered new doors and drawer fronts for nearly every cabinet in the kitchen. Even now, the cabinet doors continue to chip and scratch and we’ve only had them for a few weeks. There are many cabinet makers in New Jersey and all along the east coast, I would not shop Fabuwood again nor recommend them. Take your money elsewhere. Update – it’s been about a year now and the cabinets don’t hold up well to everyday use. These are in fact garbage as others have suggested, taking them down to one star.” Pierre Gomez


“I have never seen cheaper or worse made cabinets. There is no wear and tear. We spent $11k on cabinets and a year later they are worn, chipped and look like they’ve been thru war. When speaking to fabuwood, we were given the run around, eventually someone came to inspect the cabinets and were told it was the poor installation. Poor installation doesn’t explain why touching the cabinets causes them to chip or dent. To shut me up on Instagram and other social media they gave me replacements for a couple of the doors but it’s not just the doors and drawer covers, it’s the framing, the doors, the toe kicks, everything!


In retrospect I would’ve spent $10k more and bought a much better quality product. I’ve never been I happier with a consumers product in my life. What worse is that they have some loophole in their warranty and give you bs about painted wood and don’t honor anything.


This product should be taken off the market and these guys should be taken to court for blindsiding so many consumers.” Raksha Gulati


“More than half of our cabinet doors, and several of our actual base cabinets, arrived damaged in the box. Completely unacceptable to pay $12,000 for cabinets to arrive in such shoddy condition. Chipped paint, dents galore.. awful. Still awaiting replacements and wishing we went with another manufacturer. I predict they will not hold up if they cant even arrive in decent shape. Incredibly disappointed and would NEVER recommend to anyone remodeling their kitchen.” Kristin Keane


The Verdict

Fabuwood is a high-rated and highly reviewed cabinet company. At the moment, they have an average rating of 4.3 based on more than 300 Google reviews! However, some reviewers believe that many of the 5 star reviews are from dealers and builders, and not from actual customers. They are one of the veteran manufacturers in this niche, but that doesn’t mean you should just take their word for it. Research them yourself before making any purchases!

Disclaimer: The reviews are pulled from Google on March 15th 2022

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