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Minimalist Kitchens and Reasons to Switch to One in 2021

The New Year is here and some of you are starting by getting rid of clutter from 2020. You can always start with a place that you use every day, like the kitchen. There is something refreshing about a clean, uncluttered kitchen. It is inviting. It brightens the day. If you are a busy person here are some things that might encourage you to find some time and do a small project for a more minimalist kitchen. Plus, it will absolutely brighten your 2021.


The first and the most important thing on the list for you is to figure out your budget. It will narrow down your search and help you not to overspend. An appliance can run as little as a couple hundred dollars or can run as high as $10,000. Most of us will find ourselves drawn to the most beautiful and expensive products as soon as we set our sights on them. Set your budget and avoid that temptation.

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The kitchen usually serves as your home’s control center. It sets the culture for your home. A minimalist kitchen reflects calm and gives the impression that everything is in order. It promotes cleanliness. A clean kitchen often sets the tone for everything else in your home.

Less stress.

Did you know that cluttered counters contribute to physical stress? It’s true. Research conducted at UCLA established a link between high-stress hormone levels and a high density of household objects. It showed that clutter increases stress levels. This is because physical objects compete for our visual attention. And the more physical distractions in the environment around us, the more stress we feel. This should be enough of a reason to convince you to minimize clutter..

More cooking.

Even if you’re not an expert when it comes to making delicious meals, this kitchen will make you enjoy the process more. The kitchen is usually in the service for many purposes in most homes. For example, long conversations over hot chocolate, a quiet place for homework or work, etc. But, the primary purpose will always be food preparation. A minimalist kitchen, with a lot of room to move and chop and bake and boil and even dance, is always a more enjoyable space to work in.

Clutter attracts more clutter.

It is a known fact in every home that when space just a place becomes for “stuff,” more things start to pile up. Kitchen countertops often serve the same purpose. When we allow them to become cluttered with items that don’t belong there, more and more stuff finds its way there. The only way to stop this is to cut the clutter as much as possible.

Better mornings.

The place people spend the most time in after they wake up is the kitchen. You already woke up stressed because you have to go to work or school? The last thing you want is to eat breakfast or drink your first coffee in a cluttered kitchen. A decluttered kitchen allows you to prepare for your day in peace. A tidy, bright kitchen in the morning is there to remind you that the day ahead serves you, not the other way around. As silly as it sounds, you’ll never know until you try it.

At the end of the day, remember that less is more. Simple does not always mean boring. In this case, minimizing your kitchen can give you a feeling that you never expected. We all had a tough year, and are excited to move forward. We can’t see into the future, but why not change something that’s right under our noses? Girls usually get a haircut after a bad breakup and instantly feel better and ready for a new chapter. Right? Start with the small things and see how one little change can make a huge difference.

Give your cluttered kitchen a thorough makeover and you’ll be starting your days with more serene mornings. Cook with more joy. Change the culture of your home and see how silly and simple yet important things like your kitchen can change your outlook in 2021.

Written by Harry

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