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Showplace Cabinetry Reviews: What Are Customers Saying

Showplace Cabinetry is one of the leading kitchen cabinetry providers in the United States. They offer a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, as well as several convenient storage solutions. But what do customers think of Showplace Cabinetry?

The Good

Everyone loves to post reviews immediately after installation when they are in the “honeymoon” phase. We have had these cabinets in our kitchen for just over three years now which we feel is enough time to give an honest, unbiased, review. The quality and look of the cabinets has been outstanding! We recently had a customer support need and the response was immediate and helpful. We couldn’t be more pleased with our choice to have Showplace cabinets in our home.” Todd Markus

Courtesy of Todd Markus

I used Showplace inset Cabinetry in my owners bath. The craftsmanship was excellent,  delivery on time, and customer service exceptional. When the time came to redo my office, there was no question that I would use Showplace again. And, once again, flawless execution.  Next year will be the kitchen renovation. We will definitely use Showplace… an exceptional value!” Michael Bartell

The staff was very accommodating to the customization of our kitchen cabinets, kitchen island, and bathroom cabinets. They found ways to maximize the functionality of our cabinets while staying within our budget. We will use Showplace for any future cabinet needs.” Mark Abrahamson

Courtesy of Mark Abrahamson

When we walked into Showplace,I felt so overwhelmed with the choices available. We had an amazing consultant who helped us narrow down the look we were going for in our kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. We are incredibly pleased with the final look in our new home. It was exactly what we envisioned. Highly recommend Showplace Cabinets!” Jenelle Mehlhaf

“We went to a local lumber supplier who also does kitchens. They rep 3 companies which 1 is Showplace Cabinetry, the one we selected. They are made in the usa and come in custom sizes which we needed for our existing home. We narrowed down our design and they sent actual wood samples so we could verify the finish before placing our order. Our installers were great taking into account our out of level floors. We LOVE our cabinets and would highly recommend them. Well made and high quality finish on them.” Dan Hineline

The Bad

I bought and had installed in 2016, Showplace cabinetry- white painted cabinets around the perimeter and stained wood cabinets on the island.   The painted cabinets started to pucker, stain, yellow within 5-6 months of them being installed.  Seams on the side panels also pushed the paint finish up and cause a ridge of bubbled paint.   Today, I sit, 5 years later and Showplace’s response has been less than honorable or representative of their “lifetime warranty”.   The rep pushes all issues back to me- you cook too much, you have too much humidity in your house (I have wood windows, floors, sills, etc- none which have any issues and I live in St. Louis- not the capital of humidity).   They try and say I clean them too much or not enough, I clean them wrong because they are not dried completely or I touch them with wet hands.  HELLO- these are kitchen cabinets-   you cook, wash dishes, have fluctuations in temp due to cooking and inside/outside air exchange.   In late 2020, Showplace replace two drawer fronts that had puckered and the face finish had chipped off.  They refused to see any yellowing of the cabinets until they replaced the door fronts which CLEARLY showed significant color differential.  Showplace’s response- we will have a painter come in that we’ve used before and color match the new drawer fronts to the others.   In my opinion, that is not a solution for any of the problems- just a cover up or band-aid.   Showplace simply does not stand behind their product at all.  They are not quality- especially the painted cabinet line.  The painted cabinets should only go in an office or entertainment room where there is minimal use and a simple environment.  Even then, the white cabinets will turn yellow.  The paint surface seems to have open pores on it allowing it to yellow or take on anything that might touch it (red sauce, blueberries, cranberry juice, gravy, jelly, etc.)

Long and short- don’t get the painted cabinets from Showplace at a minimum.  (By way of background I had white painted wood cabinets for 30 years prior to these).  The problem is not the consumer and I very much find that customer service model to be extremely off putting.” Wendy Hemmen

Courtesy of Wendy Hemmen

“With 17 years as a cabinetry dealer, I leave this review. My experience with the president of this company, as well as the rep firm who manages the DC metro region for Showplace Cabinetry, was appalling. Absolutely appalling.. The term “gender discrimination” comes to mind when describing my experience with this group of “Good Old Boy” fellas. I have sold cabinets, as a dealer of multiple price point products, since 2004. The Showplace rep firm encouraged me to buy their cabinets as a designer, not a dealer, utilizing a Showplace owned showroom in DC metro. Completely ignoring the fact that I own 4 showrooms of my own.. While being abundantly disrespectful towards me in their dialouge, as well as not following through with phone conferences that the rep firm asked to schedule themselves. Obviously, I selected a different manufacturer for this price point product after such awful treatment and discrimination. We see upwards of $6m in cabinets sales each year in VA, MD & DE. Our cabinet manufacturers are very pleased with the relationship that has been built since we introduced this new selling model in 2017. It’s a blessing that Showplace and their reps behaved so foolishly prior to my final decision as a dealer for a semi custom product line. Everyone involved in our new business model is respectful towards one another, something Showplace did not exhibit. Which in the end has been VERY profitable for another cabinet manufacturer. In an industry where females play prominent roles regarding product sales, it doesn’t seem like a wise approach to be discriminatory towards any particular gender. Btw, Showplace, nice color pallette for your updated website. It seems very familiar to our firm. Travis, one rep out of DC metro, made a comment that the Showplace President liked our website. Especially our color pallette apparently.” B Wilkins

“We purchased vanities for our bathroom remodels. The upstairs bath vanity has several flaws/damage, but it’s been installed along with the countertops. My contractor is going to try and repair, but if doesn’t work and up the way I want, you can expect to receive them back. Poor quality cabinets that are about the same price as custom.

8/9/2020 Update: So…we opened our master bath cabinets and unsurprisingly, the quality is poor. See pics of white cabinetry below, so you can get an idea of the poor product you will receive for a high cost of cabinetry.

2/17/2021 Update: Two sets of replacement doors later and now we’re waiting on the third! Not just that the stiles have slight gaps in them and the paint is runny, this time they sent the wrong dimensions of the stiles, so they don’t match the rest. My GC is going to do another project for me and I’m going to stipulate in the contract that the cabinets cannot be from Showplace Cabinetry!” Jimmy Glahn

Courtesy of Jimmy Glahn

“Note for potential customers: Showplace will only communicate with dealers for getting updates on orders and will not talk with the end consumer. We had a situation where our  cabinet order for our kitchen was sent the wrong order to our dealer (according to them). Because I could not verify what happened with Showplace, i had to take my dealers word for it. According to my dealer, even after the mistake we never got a corrected cabinet order sent to us (after 2 months of waiting) and we ended up going with a competitor which caused massive delays in our project (especially while covid hit).

Because of this situation I can not recommend anyone use this company. Showplace: if you come across this review and wish to give me details about what happened with my order I will revise my review.” Clayton Thomas

“We purchased Showplace’s Rockport Grey stained maple cabinets — this line’s quality leaves much to be desired.  Due to a combination of installation and quality issues, we’ve received three replacement sets of upper cabinets.  The set currently installed, we discovered to our shock, appears to have been over sprayed with dark stain (that’s what one of the installers told us the problem is).  Mildew-looking specks appear on the undersides of the cabinets, as well as the cabinet interior walls — disgusting, frankly.  I last contacted Showplace in early January, and have received only an out-of-office reply.  I would expect their Limited Lifetime Warranty would cover this.

The above issue alone is worthy of our not recommending Showplace.  For the sake of providing a comprehensive review, I’m sharing other common problems I noticed in all the Showplace replacements that have come through.  They were minor enough that, had the over-spray issue not surfaced, we would have let them go.  However, I’m posting photos along with this information so others can decide if they would want these cabinets installed in their homes.

Gapping:  While I’ve been assured by both Showplace installers and the regional rep that ‘gapping’ (between planes — interior side wall to bottom; side to top, etc.) is to be expected, I have yet to come across a Houzz/GardenWeb pro or homeowner who concur that gapping is standard and acceptable.  The gaps are somewhat random, some widening and/or narrowing along the length of the panels. To me, this inconsistency speaks to poor, inattentive workmanship rather than a deliberate approach to cabinet construction.

Rough Cuts/Edges:  Quite a few instances of ragged cuts/edges can be found in and on my cabinets.  Not the end of the world in the cabinet interior, but the jagged edges at the bottoms of exposed end panels look awful.

Stain:  I was warned that maple doesn’t take stain uniformly, and that splotchiness might be a problem; I accepted this, and it’s fine.  However, I’ve noticed that along the edges (and in some corners) of doors and cabinet faces, the stain didn’t take at all.  In the photos below, the boxed areas indicate where stain is lacking: it’s not light glare.  Again, not the end of the world; but how/why did this end up in my house, passing through how many layers of quality control that should have been in place?  I’ll try to hit these bare spots with the touch-up pen provided, but it’s many linear feet a homeowner is expected to color in.” Alice Javier

The Verdict

The Showplace Cabinetry Company has a mixed reputation. Some say they are great while others give them negative feedback for being unprofessional and made with cheap materials that don’t last long enough.

Disclaimer: The reviews are pulled from Google on March 16th 2022


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