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Crystal Cabinet Works Reviews: What Are Customers Saying

Kitchen cabinets are an investment that will last for many years. And when you’re looking to buy new ones, you need to do thorough research! In this article we’ll take a look at some reviews from customers who got their cabinets from Crystal Cabinet Works!

The Good

We have had our Crystal cabinets since 2003. They are still beautiful. My only problem are the hinges. Several have failed and I have not been able to find exact fit replacements. I live in Marion, I SC. The kitchen dealer is long out of business. Can Crystal help?” David Copp

“We’ve had your cabinets in our kitchen for over ten years and love the quality of your products.  Because of water damage, we wanted to replace a couple of doors and set out to purchase them.   Crystal’s consumer service dept. asked for a picture and measurements and then sent everything we needed right away free of charge.  They couldn’t have been nicer or more efficient in helping us out.  A very nice experience all around.  Thank You Crystal!” David Harrington

“Excellent quality cabinets.  I have used and installed several brands all over the NYC Metro area.  Nothing beats Crystals quality and price” Chuck Mama

“Cabinetry is built to last a lifetime, and the finish is phenomenal. My favorite cabinetry line to sell!” Imma Seahag

“Beautiful detailed work, excellent company!” Lisa Moore

The Bad

We have ordered our cabinets through the dealer in June 2019. There were multiple mistakes made by the dealer with conceptual understanding and sizing, but this review is about the manufacturer. We ordered Designers White color, but upon arrival many cabinets had marks from the tape (burns), cracks, and other defects and Crystal agreed to replace the defective ones. Nevertheless, every replacement would come with a different white color (much warmer, more like ivory), and it would repeat over and over. Every replacement would not be given any priority and would put us back in the line for another 3-5 months… and not match again. Finally, Crystal offered us to replace all faces at once, so the paint matches, which we accepted and they took a “sample” from the original order (not sure why they wanted a sample when they clearly had our selection of Designer’s White color). To make story short, the replacement came again with mismatching colors! And the replacement of the mismatching replacement items (the last one in Dec. 2021) as well was entirely wrong. It has been 2 years and 3 months since the original delivery of the cabinets and they have not delivered the product as it supposed to be. We have our kitchen made of mix of different shades of white color! The payment was collected in full at the time of the original delivery, and our direct investments into the kitchen remodel were about a 100k (we also had many indirect losses not included in this). The kitchen is still not finished. The Crystal Cabinet Works does not reply to our direct calls and messages left for their sales rep and sends us to the company rep on the West Coast, who states the company is not going to replace anything anymore and he believes we can use our kitchen as it is. We have documented everything, we have about a hundred emails with the dealer and rep and every single photo of defects. Our next step would be to seek legal help to recover our losses, as Crystal is not responsive anymore.” A P

“We redid our cabinets about 5 years and liked them a lot. But in the last few months ORANGE SPOTS are appearing all over them. I wanted a white kitchen, not an orange one. Jim Mcmann in MN actually asked ME to send him one of the doors so he could see it. I sent tons of photos. It’s clearly a defect. I am a tiny woman w a bad arm and there is no way I could take down a heavy door and mail it. Then he said he’d send me a new one and I said yes. Now he doesn’t answer my emails or calls. These are very expensive cabinets and I will sue them if I need to. Very annoying to deal w a company w no ethics.             UPDATE:  Even tho the wood is coming off the drawers and we have more orange spots, they have formally REJECTED OUR CLAIM, despite our “life time warranty’.  I would not recommend this company at all.  My previous cabinets lasted almost 30 years with no problem.” Sharon Riley

“Cabinet wore on inside right away. Looks like wetness rubbed off coating, but just how all their cabinets we have behave.  Outside coating excellent.  Would not buy again. As very expensive for what we got.” Marc Wyffels

“It appears that Crystal sold me wood and a finish for a KITCHEN that cannot withstand water. The white finish also does not allow you to clean off things like fingerprints. Less than 3 years later it’s all cracking and has fingerprint stains and the company is not helping fix the problem. Beware!” Lisa Ellern-Feldman

“Finish faded, cabinet and drawer fronts cracked several of the front panels. This is my second warranty claim. Representative Michael Snow has not responded to my latest phone calls and texts.” Valeria Faelar

The Verdict

Positive reviews seem to be much more brief, while negative ones often go into great detail about what is wrong with Crystal cabinets. Water damage is a major problem that many customers deal with. Until the issues are resolved, we cannot recommend Crystal Cabinet Works to our readers!

Disclaimer: The reviews are pulled from Google on March 16h 2022

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