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Bertch Cabinet Reviews: What Are Customers Saying

In this article, we’ll take a look at some customer reviews to get an idea of what people are saying about Bertch Cabinet. Let’s discuss if you should go with Bertch for your next kitchen remodel. By the end, you should have a better understanding of whether or not this brand is right for you.

The Good

We love our Bertch vanity, triview, and wall cabinet! Finish is holding up great after several years, even after being abused by three kids. Very sturdy, beautiful and well worth the investment.” Tony Means

“I put Bertch cabinets in my master bath remodel in 2016. They are gorgeous and well made and still look fantastic after three years. There was a scratch in one piece – I don’t know if my contractor did it removing it from the box or if is came that way. It didn’t matter to them – they sent someone out and he replaced the piece that was damaged. This allowed us to continue placing the cabinets without delaying the remodel. Awesome. Just awesome.” jmwink69

“No experience with this company but if the owner treats his customers as great as he does his employees it must be a great place! I hope they get so much work he has to hire double the workers! He took all 800 workers on a cruise! Can you believe that? Very nice job Gary.” Lil Ol Me

“The group of people I get to work with are about doing their part and make you feel like your part of their team . They are a cool bunch I work.” Shelly Heasley

“Great place to work at. Good people & great environment.” Taylor Meester

The Bad

HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE experience!! I’ve waited 10 years to remodel my kitchen and you’d think after spending $30K on brand new cabinets, they’d be quality but that has been far from the case! And customer service has been HORRENDOUS! After waiting 12 weeks for them to arrive, 60% of the cabinets arrived with cracks, dents, chips, warped doors and paint issues. They didn’t align properly and there were gaps between cabinets due to the edges not being straight. My contractor installed them bc the holidays were weeks away and we were told new ones would be manufactured & shipped ASAP so replacements could be installed before Christmas. Well, needless to say the new cabinets arrived the week before Christmas and the new cabinets ALL had the exact same issues!! So obviously it’s not a random issue but a manufacturing issue. A rep from Bertch finally came out after my contractor called & called & called, and he assured us that the 3rd set would be perfect. Guess what?!? The 3rd set arrived after 6 weeks and apparently no one at the factory double or triple checked them (as I was promised would happen). All have the same issues ~ cracks, dents, dings, finger marks in the paint finish, smudges, etc. I am appalled!! Where’s the quality control, Bertch? Do not get Bertch cabinets!!” Rebecca Frantzen

Courtesy of Rebecca Frantzen

Very disappointed with our cupboards we purchased in March. Many came broken others have scratches they do not wear well colored ones. So very upset . I have contacted them no response from Birch to correct issues we’ve had.Missing trim, wear factor, quality.” Karrie Nicolaus

“Cabinets look awful!!  The staining of the cabinets look so awful and cheap.  I wish we had gone with someone different.  It looks like we went to walmart for our brand new cabinets!  How dare you Bertch USA!” Josiah Meissner

“If I could leave no stars I would. We received a new kitchen from Bertch in December. We have saved and dreamed of this kitchen for years. We received many cabinets in that were put together poorly and we had to send back and we had A TON of finishing issues with our cabinets. They sent someone out who was supposed to fix them, but left a big mess and they looked worse after he left than before he came. He left paper towels on the counter tops & in cabinets and splattered stain all over my new counter tops.  I reached out to Gary Bertch ( the owner) and he assured me they would pay special attention to the items being replaced but didn’t care to much to fix or compensate me for the horrible quality or inconvenience. He told me the finish we chose (matte) didn’t always take well to the wood we chose (alder). If that was the case I don’t think that should be offered as an option.  He didn’t even respond to my most recent email.  These cabinets were supposed to be a higher end, and they were not. I would NEVER recommend these cabinets to anyone. I could go on but the pictures should speak for themselves.” Deana Reeves

Courtesy of Deana Reeves

The Verdict

Most of the feedback received is negative, but there are some positive reviews left by their employees! Our verdict is simple: avoid Bertch!

Disclaimer: The reviews are pulled from Google on March 17th 2022

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