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Wellborn Cabinet Reviews: What Are Customers Saying

Are you in the market for a new set of kitchen cabinets? If so, you may be wondering if Wellborn is the right choice for you. This company has become quite popular in recent years, but what do customers think of their products? Let’s take a look.

The Good

Wellborn Cabinetry has been a FANTASTIC cabinet manufacturer to work with. They make sure to send all of their dealers to their plant to make sure they have the information needed to successfully sell their product. Their customer service is wonderful; I never have to wait more than an hour to get an answer. What my clients and I REALLY like about Wellborn is their lead time, which is 3.5 – 4 weeks on the majority of their doors & finishes. The market I’m in is very competitive for cabinetry, and Wellborn has been able to offer a superior product at a price that can beat most of my competitors. My clients and I would recommend Wellborn cabinetry in a heartbeat!!” Melissa Sopper

Courtesy of Melissa Sopper

“Wellborn has produced some of the highest quality cabinetry I’ve witnessed by a plant in my career. As I’ve had business dealings with over 12 cabinet companies the quality and craftmanship is unsurpassed. Visiting the plant and taking in all they actually do here will blow anyone’s mind.” Zach Stone


“My name is Jerry Hamilton.  My company is Classic Solutions Design & Remodel, LLC.  We are an authorized contractor for Wellborn Cabinets located in St. Louis MO.  We handle Wellborn Cabinets as our primary cabinet line from the design phase, through the installation and support phase of our projects.  The experience with Wellborn has been exceptional.  The Delivery alone is a great selling point, along with the overall top notch quality of the product. With an average delivery of 3 weeks on most orders, it really helps the project move in a smooth fashion.  They have some great price points for those on a budget.  In addition, we feel that the all American made feature is a plus.  Everything is built in house by Wellborn, which allows them to do a much better job of quality control.  “Great product, and affordable!!!!!”” Jerry Hamilton


“We just completed our kitchen using Wellborn Cabinets.  WOW!!  We couldn’t be happier.  We worked with Upscape Cabinets and Countertops in Cleveland, Ohio – and between a fun and easy process to design and implement a new functional space, but the recommendations of using Wellborn Cabinets, the door style, finish, etc.  Thank you Wellborn and Upscape Cabinets and Countertops!!” Adam Abrams

Courtesy of Adam Abrams

“Wellborn Cabinets are amazing!!! About a year ago I remodeled the kitchen in our home and we used Wellborn Cabinets through a local dealer. The local dealer had great service and all of the materials came in an immaculate condition. The final product looks great. The finish is nice and smooth and the slow close drawers are my wife’s favorite part! Thank you Wellborn for making my wife thrilled!” Gregory Lee



The Bad

Provided a lead time of 8-10 weeks, and we’re now in week 16.  The response to contact customer service isn’t helpful as they literally will not provide any information to you.  I asked what the current lead time (if you ordered today) would be for our cabinet line and they told me it’s 15-16 weeks… now how is this possible if when I ordered back in July and I’m about to surpass your current lead time.  I understand the pandemic has caused unprecedented things to occur in supply chain and workforce, but no answers from Wellborn and silence is not the right response.  They should be able to provide, within reason, some updates to customers.” Ryan Meyer


“I recently purchased cabinets that were manufactured by Wellborn and I couldn’t be more disappointed in the quality and customer service that we have received.  In short, the original CUSTOM cabinets that we received were severely damaged in the back with holes that appeared to be worn/used/ripped/unnecessary for the drawers that we ordered (see attached pictures).  It appears that Wellborn used refurbished materials for our cabinets.  We had them immediately sent back assuming that someone at Wellborn would surely give special attention to our returned order that cost us $3K.  Shockingly, when the ‘new’ order arrived, it had exactly the same problem as the 1st!!!  This lack of quality control at Wellborn put us in a severe time constraint for getting our counter top installed, so our contractor was actually forced to create a new back to the entire cabinet only so the drawers could be installed properly (and not put the timeline of our master bathroom in jeopardy).

After several attempts to get reimbursed for this major inconvenience, both thru the supplier AND Wellborn, we were declined any compensation.   Our contractor has since written a similar negative review of this company for this experience and has been in discussions with Wellborn customer service; however, no progress has been made in rectifying the issue.

I haven’t even addressed the quality of the cabinet which was less than desirable for the high cost — several imperfections that only serve as a constant reminder of all the negatives about Wellborn.

We are beyond dissatisfied with this company and want to warn anyone else who is thinking of using them to look elsewhere.” Kurt Astheimer


“My contractor ordered cabinets through Wellborn in March 2021. I was given a time frame of arrival of June 14.  Then Mid July, then Mid August, the last was a commitment of Sept. 27th.  I just received a phone call from my contractor on Sept 17th telling me that they haven’t even started production and now the commitment is Oct 11th.  I understand production delays, but this is ridiculous.  It’s already been 6 months since ordering and IF they even ship by Oct. 11, it will be 7 months from date of order.  I worry about the quality too should they arrive.  If you are planning on a remodel, I definitely would rethink any decision on ordering from Wellborn.” Madelon Anderson

“Customer service at Wellborn is awful.  No one seems to care or want to get involved to solve a problem.  We did an entre kitchen.  The island end cap arrived damaged.  It took five weeks for a replacement.  The replacement came with a large scrtach that someone tried to cover over with a mismatched stain stick–where is quality control???.  The third try took another five weeks–nope can’t pull your order ahead even though all the issues were due to Wellborn.  A total of 10 weeks to get it right.

Then the face frame cracked on an upper cabinet-see pics.  Another chance to meet or exceed customer expectations.  Well–no…The local Wellborn rep–who wouldn’t come out to see the problem or even call directly–simply stated the installers must have dropped the cabinet.  You need to get the installers back to fix it.  That’s all the “help” I received. A) If it was dropped there would be visible damage (dents, dings) on the cabinet.  There is no additional damage.  B) Why would they install a damaged cabinet.  They spent hours putting molding on the cabinet after it was up–only to have to redo it???  This was a crack along a grain line–no more no less.  There was absolultely no help offered by Wellborn.

My recommendation is to find a cabinet company that will stand behind their work and treat customers as the valuable resource that they are.  Good customer service could have gone a long way to solve the problems.” Gary Riedel


Courtesy of Gary Riedel

“Ordered cabinets in March, still aren’t in production. Failed deadlines with no even a whisper of apology from Wellborne or the dealer, could’ve ordered better cabinets with more options online with better feedback & customer service. Now waiting for the nail in the coffin bc I expect them to arrive incorrectly. How can I expect a quality product with such horrid customer service.” Christina Burky


The Verdict

Wellborn Cabinetry’s average rating is lower than most of their competitors, but they still have some good reviews on the site. Customer service and delivery are often the focus of customer complaints. While we can’t recommend the product until these issues are fixed, please feel free to do your own research as well.

Disclaimer: The reviews are pulled from Google on March 16th 2022

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