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Making the Most of Glass Cabinet Doors

For the past few years, a kitchen design trend has taken the industry by storm. This trend is open shelving. It’s a great way to put your favorite dishware on display and gives your kitchen a more open look. But, on the downside, it collects more dust and grime and it can look a bit chaotic. If you still want that bright, open look kitchen with a bit of less hassle, there is another option—Glass cabinet doors. This is a classic look we’ve seen in the kitchen industry for a very long time. Read on to find out yourself how to make this beautiful, practical feature work best for you.

Glass cabinets are a stylish addition to any kitchen design and layout. Here are the top four tips we have to share;

Light: Try placing your glass cabinets near windows. This way you’ll benefit from the properties of the glass: as we already know, glass reflects light. This is a great solution for darker kitchens.

Display: Leave the most attractive items, such as crystal towards the front. But if you don’t necessarily want to show your cabinet’s contents, colored or frosted glass will hide them. When the glass is opaque, you’ll still get that open look.

Exposure: This helps you locate the kitchen items you need without opening your kitchen cabinet doors. It also makes it practical for your guests to find what they are looking for without asking or opening every single cabinet.

Cleaning: Glass kitchen cabinets are stain and water-resistant. This makes them easier to clean than the wooden ones; just wipe and go. On the other hand, even if they get a bit greasy, you can just spray them with glass cleaner and wipe them with a clean cloth to get them sparkling clean again.

Now that you’ve read some of our top tips about glass cabinets here are some options for you regarding how to exchange your current panel cabinets with glass ones:

Cost analysis

The cost for the swap will depend on the design of your kitchen. A 10×10 kitchen is the industry-standard and has 10-panel doors to be exchanged for glass ones. If the average price of one glass door is $25, then 10×25=$250 would be the price for making the exchange. Cheap and simple.

DIY alternative

If you are still looking for a cheaper option, we’ve got a solution for you. This list of step-by-step instructions will help you to quickly exchange your panel cabinet doors for glass ones:

Take your door to a glass shop and have the glass cut to fit the door.
Add silicone to the back of the cabinet door around the entire groove where the glass will be located. Insert the glass into the frame, pressing the glass firmly.
Add a few drops of silicone on top of the glass around the outer edges and smear it with your finger. Wipe off excess.
Finally, let dry and then hang your door back up.

PS: If you are adding glass to a larger cabinet, secure the glass with clips placed 12 inches apart.

If you’re looking for something unusual and interesting, why not go for a hybrid style? Have a mix of glass cabinet doors and traditional cabinet doors in your kitchen. This simple exchange can transform your kitchen with minimal effort and cost.

Send us a message for a free 3D design and a quick quote. Once your new cabinets arrive, visit your local glass store for an exchange. Or even better, do it yourself, and fall in love with your new kitchen layout.

Written by Harry

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