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7 Huge Kitchen Trends in 2022

Trends in kitchens can often be predicted as far as five years ahead before they become mainstream enough to see in homes. But there are also those trends which we only dream about but never seem to make it big – at least not yet. 2022 might, however, be the year of these seven biggest and coolest kitchen trends:

Back to nature


In a time when sustainable living has never been more important, nature will have its breakthrough in kitchen design. When it comes to cleaning, eco-friendly products will be making their way into our homes, and when it comes to materials and color schemes all you need to know is that dark greens, blues, and earthy tones will be huge trends in 2022.


Practical storage ideas


2020 and 2021 taught us how important storage is. In 2022 we’re all about practical and smart new kitchen storage ideas. No space should be wasted, and kitchen design schemes should be adapted to the needs of the contemporary way of living. 

Sleek is in


Shabby chic was dominating kitchens for a very long time before it faded out and became too mainstream to be stylish anymore. Thus, people started to seek other styles that were somehow ‘different’.

A new approach to shabby chic has emerged – it’s called sleek. “Sleek” is characterized by extremely minimalistic design with clean lines, white/light colors, and simple shapes. Since the most popular kitchen trends are starting to fade out, kitchens are now seeking new styles that can reinvigorate their look.

Open shelves have a new role


Most people used open shelves in their kitchens to display their items for all visitors to see… whether they liked it or not.

Open shelves are now more like a piece of art that you proudly admire every day as it is hidden behind glass closets (also known as glass cabinets). They can be called “built-in cabinetry” as well because the way it’s designed makes the cabinet built into the wall instead of standing out like an accent piece.

More high tech appliances


Along with small appliances becoming more prevalent, kitchen design is seeing an increase in the level of technical ingenuity many of the necessary smaller appliances contain. From two-slice toasters that can hold bread vertically so it’ll toast faster and with less mess to self-stirring mugs, technology is slowly but surely making its way into your kitchen. Even microwaves are getting tech updates like built-in cameras for smart defrosting. 

Many pieces of tech are now being combined as well, allowing you to cook up eggs with a sous vide precision cooker then sear them on a stove or griddle with an induction cooktop or hot plate. As technology continues to improve, today’s countertop appliances will be able to do even more than their predecessors could.

More green


Many retailers are starting to offer environmentally friendly options for all parts of the home. Energy-efficient appliances save buyers money by letting them cook their food or do their laundry without wasting costly electricity or water. Even older homes with low energy costs are prime spots for newer, energy-efficient appliances because they make cooking easier. 

This is one of those trends that sounds great but always needs more time before it fully becomes mainstream. We’re getting closer every day though!

Less Customization

Most appliances follow a left to right flow, with the burners along the back and ovens to the front. As kitchens get smaller, so do appliances. The ones that don’t fit in smaller kitchen layouts need to be replaced by something else. 

Another trend is adapting the appliances you already have so they fit your needs better than ever before. This could mean shortening or lengthening cabinets or adding additional drawers to accommodate an appliance. Even extending an island peninsula would work well if only one side of it is used for preparing food while the other side can store cookware.


2022 will see the rise of open-end shelves, white and bold colors, more care for the environment, and high-tech appliances. Paying attention to kitchen design trends of 2022 will help you achieve a kitchen remodel that will stay relevant into the future. 


Written by Alyssa

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