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White Cabinet Design for Kitchens and Bathrooms

White is the classic go-to for homeowners, and for good reason: it matches everything, it looks clean, and it is cheerful and bright. All-white kitchens and bathrooms are appealing in their simplicity, and take most of the guesswork out of choosing colors; but for some, especially those living in regions that get a lot of sunlight, having everything – the floors, walls, cabinets, and appliances – in white can seem a little too stark.

How you decide to work with white cabinetry depends upon what kind of atmosphere you want to create: if you’re more inclined to having a kitchen or bathroom with a color scheme that is energizing, it’s best to stick to bold colors and to make the most of natural light and metals. If you prefer a more soothing space, you’ll want to work with darker colors and look to countertops and appliances that are made of grounding materials like stone and wood.

The All-White Kitchen

Sleek, bright, and elegant, the all-white kitchen makes the most of both artificial and natural light to place people and food preparation front and center. An all-white kitchen is understated without being dull, and the fact that there’s just one hue means that the eye will be drawn to the subtle variations in texture and tone. One of the distinguishing characteristics of all-white kitchens is that, because there are no color contrasts, architectural and construction design will stand out. Opt for classic white Shaker kitchen cabinets, with recessed panels that add depth to the overall look and general visual interest.

The All-White Bathroom

Bathrooms all in white can be especially airy and light, and they just feel clean – so it’s the perfect color scheme for the room in the house that is dedicated to just that: cleanliness. To keep it from getting drab, add a pop of living color with humidity-loving plants. Play off a white bathroom vanity and white bathtub with patterned wall tiles or explore cabinet and flooring combinations like white mosaic to introduce a little variety into bright bathroom sanctuary.

Matching Kitchen Colors to White Cabinets

The first thing you want to do when deciding on what colors you’ll choose to match your white cabinets is to determine if you want contrasting or coordinating colors. Contrasting colors will be neutrals like beige or gray. Gray walls in particular are constantly a favorite because they offset white cabinets so beautifully. Complementary colors like brightly-hued walls or dark granite countertops create visual excitement for the kitchen.

Matching Bathroom Colors to White Cabinets

White is the most popular color for vanity cabinets, in part because it makes the space look larger. When choosing the colors for the walls and floors, decide whether you’d prefer the subtle look of coordinating colors or the bold statement of contrasting ones. Warm cream colors create a flattering light that compliments skin tones, while cooler tones like light blue and gray evoke the ocean and generate a more refreshing atmosphere. Darker warm tones like caramel are especially relaxing, and a particularly excellent option if you like your bathroom to have a spa-like ambiance.

Whether you choose walls and floors to match the white of your cabinets or if you decide to liven up the space with color, you can’t go wrong with white cabinets. And walls especially are an easy and inexpensive fix, so white cabinets provide the perfect canvas for exploring different interior design ideas in both the kitchen and the bathroom.

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