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Here Are Six Home Design Trends You Don’t Want to Miss in 2022

Since 2020, the pandemic has affected all parts of our lives. It forced us to use our time and space more mindfully. This approach led to changing our behaviors, habits, routines, and living spaces. With that in mind, we bring you six home design trends you don’t want to miss in 2022. Shall we?

Trend no. 1: The influence of pandemic

COVID-19 has made us put focus on comfort and functionality first. This led to the need for more space and efficiency mostly in the kitchens, but in other rooms as well. This first pandemic-influenced trend highlights the importance of everyday zones, more storage, bigger and wider kitchens, and more outdoor space. 

Our approach to study and work places at home has greatly changed over the past two years. Since WFH became the new normal, the main focus in home design is making this space as comfortable and efficient as possible. More space, more natural light, and more natural materials are all you need to successfully follow this trend.

Trend no. 2: Old is the new new

We like to think about trends as never-ending circles. Trends do come and go, and that is the beauty of design. But, 2022 is going to be somewhat different when it comes to the design. Designers predict that homeowners will mix traditional elements with colorful wallpapers, rich wood tones, and more contemporary pieces. 

We’ve been staying in our homes for so long that we need a lot of pieces that will make our homes more interesting and diverse. With this approach, it will be hard for this look to go out of style quickly.

Trend no. 3: More color is better

As we have already mentioned above – the more natural, the better. For 2022 the more colors that speak to wellness and nature, the better! Don’t be afraid to bring the outside to your home using greens, browns, yellows, and more earthy, and vibrant colors. Live colorfully and embrace it fully!

Trend no. 4: Technology is your friend

The importance of technology has been proven in the past few years. It’s changing our perceptions, our lives, habits, and the way homes are generally built. Automation is taking over whether we like it or not. The most important thing we can do is to adapt and use it for our own good.

In 2022 it’s possible to start your dishwasher from your work or a favorite bar. That’s why you need to think about all the options you have when it comes to technology. Not only is this a trend, but a necessity also. It’s a magnificent time we live in – to be able to control our appliances through our phones means we are greatly improving our lives.

Trend no. 5: Organic 2.0

The organic design has been featured more in the past few years. But 2022 is going to be the year of mixing organic with more modern elements. The usage of crystals, plants, and other organic design items led to designing our entire homes around these pieces. Naturally, this combination led to more neutral, natural, and warmer hues and decor accents.

Trend no. 6: Industrial is not dead

While using more natural colors and materials is increasingly popular, the industrial style is still staying idyllic and a comfortable style to a lot of people. The combination of exposed brick, concrete, dark materials, and distressed wood elements creates a picturesque living space. This style looks tremendously modern and offers a lot of inspiration. When combined with other trends from this article, it creates a utopia.

2022 is the year of changes. Let’s embrace it and make it the best year in the history of design using these six trends. 



Written by Alyssa

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