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Design Ideas for Gray Cabinets

There’s something unmistakably modern and chic about gray cabinets. Being more muted than white, they draw attention to the other features of a room that are brighter in color such as the walls, countertops, or the flooring. More and more homeowners are turning to gray cabinets because of the subtle sophistication that they impart to the rooms of the house.

Black, Gray, and White Kitchens

Those who are inclined to the cheerful brightness of white walls and appliances can mix things up a little bit by pairing them with gray cabinets. White countertops, walls, and appliances together with gray cabinets provides subtle contrasts and an overall appearance that is cool and fresh. Playing with a monochromatic palette can mean adding bold black and white lighting fixtures or patterned rugs or tiles. Steel appliances such as a zero radius sink take the modern look to the next level for an ambiance that is clean and stylish. Marble or granite countertops are also showcased by black, gray, and white design scheme for a look that is undeniably inviting.

Mixing Gray with Wood for Rustic Charm

Many designers integrate gray cabinets into a kitchen design with wooden features like a sturdy dining table or wooden countertops for a farmhouse kitchen. Creating a bright atmosphere but still more subtle than white, gray accents wood features – especially flooring – beautifully. A kitchen island with butcher block countertops creates a touch of warmth, since it makes it so easy to strike up a conversation between family and friends as food is being prepared. Accents like pendant lights add further rustic charm, and other wooden touches like bread boxes or spice racks contrast with gray cabinets to give a cozy, vintage vibe.

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